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Homes for the Holidays


Homes for the Holidays is back!!

Last year, we created a Map for all the holiday homes/locations shared on the Warner Robins Christmas Lights/Displays page! We also have nearby spots for coffee, cocoa, and car ride goodies so you can add those into your route as well! They are in a separate layer on the map, so if you'd rather just view the homes with light displays on their own, you can click the check box for the "Coffee, Cocoa, & Car Ride Goodies" layer to turn it off.

You can utilize the map on its own to visualize your route, or you can use it to see which stops you want to add to the smartphone app "Circuit" in order to plan out a route that works best for you! We'll also be regularly adding in new homes/locations as they come in. If you know of any spots that we missed for the goodies list, please add them in the comments on this post.

Check out the map here:

P.S. there is no difference between the red and green map markers for the homes/locations. They're just magical holiday snowflakes!

Happy light looking!

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