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Homes for the Holidays

2023 Homes for the Holidays.png
Celebrate the season with Homes for the Holidays!


Visit Warner Robins has created a festive map showcasing all the holiday homes and locations, complete with dazzling Christmas lights and displays.


As you explore, you'll also discover nearby spots for delicious coffee, cocoa, and car ride goodies. These delightful treats can be easily added to your route, or if you prefer, you can focus solely on the enchanting homes by turning off the "Coffee, Cocoa, & Car Ride Goodies" layer.


Whether you use the map to visualize your journey or plan your route on the "Circuit" app, we'll continue to update it with new homes and locations. If you have any suggestions for additional goodies spots, please share them in the comments.


Let's make this holiday season truly magical!

Take a peek at the magical map here, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations.:

Please note that the red and green map markers for the homes/locations are identical, resembling enchanting holiday snowflakes.


Enjoy the delightful search for festive lights!

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