Mildred's Country Store

The original location of the store was at the corner of Todd Road and U.S. Highway 41.  Exact build date is unknown, but assumed to be somewhere around 1900.  The store was moved to the Houston County Fairgrounds located on Dunbar Road in Warner Robins.  The store remained there until the City of Warner Robins bought the building in 2002 for historical preservation.  Inside you will find many antiques; some of what the store originally sold in the beginning and also items from the time periods throughout the years in which the store operated.

In the early operating times, store goods sold were corn, tobacco, flour, and even firearm ammo.  Toward the 1950’s when grocery stores began to open in the area; Mildred’s Country store was used as a one stop shop that inventoried a variety of items from small hardware, tobacco, tools, some non-perishable food items and even a barber shop.

Today, the store serves as a museum and represents one of the first buildings in the history and development of Warner Robins.