National Historic Site, Welcome Center

The E.L. Greenway Welcome Center is located at 99 Armed Forces Blvd, North, in Warner Robins, just across Hwy 247 from Robins Air Force Base.  

The first train went through Wellston in 1889 when  Georgia Southern & Florida Railroad opened between Macon and Perry, Georgia.  Though this is the second depot in the City of Warner Robins, the original Wellston depot was donated by the Southern Railway to Rev. Dorsey Ellis.  

It was moved in 1944 and is now part of the First Presbyterian Church on Watson Boulevard located near Davis Drive. Replacing the smaller wooden structure located on what was once a dairy farm and now Robins Air Force Base, the Warner Robins Depot, now used as the City’s Welcome Center, was built during World War II in 1944 as the city flourished.  

Though the depot has not been used for railroad purposes since 1970, much history has taken place during the life of this depot. As you walk into the main door in today’s welcome center, you will step back in time to the original paint colors, light fixtures, pictures, and even original benches from the time period.  

This remarkable structure was designated a National Historic Site in 2008 and with the assistance of the staff, you will receive more information on the history of the E.L. Greenway Welcome Center and the City of Warner Robins.